A TEXT MESSAGE OR EMAIL CONSULTATION & COMMUNICATION ONLY: We communicate only via tects messages from beginning to end of our clients booking to installation of the hair. We ask you questions to get details we need for your hair style booking. This is an average of 15mn consultation and shouldnt be more of you already know what you want before texting us for a quick consultation. We will get information about the style you are ordering like color, length, size, date and time. We offer this 15mn free consultation to our booking inquirers. We walk you through the process and do our best to meet your expectations and confirm that you will like it if you are trying it for the first time. We request that you think about the style you want before texting for your appointment to make your booking sharp and to the point. We will advise you about the look and the techniques that can be used to get the look  understand and better understand your need. 

Once you book your appointment we ll send you an email we received your order and one that confirms it. 

We only text and save details to remember during appointment preparation. Also for you to read if you forget an arrangement or something like what to get or need for the appointment after the consultation.

It is important because once we leave you happy we cant come back as we have other appointments to attend.

Please don’t refer customers who do not clearly understand this sort up and who will be going crazy calling our phones nonstop wondering why now ones picking up because they were not properly directed to the way this service works.

Bookings are simply mades by text message consultation to 646 580 7204 or email to: antahairbraiding@gmail.com

Thank you for your comprehension

CHOOSING A TECHNIQUE AND STYLE: We will advise you by asking your preference on hair texture, color, length you want to keep the style you are ordering, techniques you prefer if you know about it or explain it to you a bit, habit and usage of the style to better determine what technique and style application works best for you in our opinion. We base our opinion mainly on customer experience and feedback we received in the past 30 years and go by the best outcomes.
With pictures we did not produce that you email us as a sample of what you need we can only tell you how we achieve that look and do not know how they achieve that look. It’s up to your interpretation and ours how its done, Fortunately we are many many sample of braids we have one ourselves and have basic simple, non glamourised photos on our site to make sure you clearly see the actual style and order from it without being distracted buy the other details like make up and beauty of the person on the photo. You are getting the style and not the person of the photo. What works for one person to make them look beautiful may not be what works for you to make you look beautiful. Anything that is a decision made before your appointment most likely can’t be changed at the appointment without altering your time session, outcome. Choose what you want after thinking it through before. Changing your mind at the appointment will have extra payment or may even not be possible to do it the new way you picked for the appointment as it may be missing details or have obstacle about the unprepared for choice. We will do our best to accommodate your request the best we can and that is presented to us. If not perfect it will not be our fault and can not be accountable for the defect of a style that is missing something we did not prepare to have for you or make prior to the appointment.

Things we can change at your appointment ideally needs to be addressed with your stylist prior to her leaving your appointment or before start. Your stylist will not be apt or setup to come back to you for details like a braid fell out or it’s too heavy, it’s too light or such details that could be prevented with the choices made from hair and volume and texture of own hair preparation. You are ask amount of hair, length, and details to make sure we give you an order you ask for. Sometime we will inform you of customers feedback to help you better choose overall. And for the product testers who come to us with all kind of things to see if we LL entertain anything we will save you time right now. We don’t entertain anything other than what we definitely on this term and condition page. So do not come to our service or clients to entertain your job. We do not agree to pay for your actions and if a client is collaborating with you they have breach our agreement. You will be responsible for making them loose their favorite hair stylist and for us loosing our dear customer and every other missed opportunity that comes with it.

If it is your first time getting braids and you choose an option you may wonder about what would the other choices be and if you do not like a certain outcome produced by the style choice ( texture, length, size or technique  ect…) used and may try the other option and see if it works for you.  It is also normal when presented with a choice and you pick one you get curious about the choice you didn’t pick and may wish you have picked that once you experience your choice and find out flows that become something you did not take in consideration would bother you. All choices will have pros and cons. However if you decide to change your style it is subject to a new booking with pricing and same rules as the one you want to change. Its not because we install it and it did not work for you that we have to do a free job for you. Please realize we do not cover the alternative choice of what is to what could have been. You may make a new appointment 3/4weeks after your appointment and requesting a date in advance to do your hair again.

Remember also that our moto is to be your tribal braider and we dont just look to do your hair once but to help you figure out the styles that works for you long term and keep you as a client. We will try and work with you with any reasonable request fair to both of us to make your hair experience amazing with our time and your choices respected and providing you the service.

PRICING: The price quote for your personal service is for installation of the hair extension only. If a style is ordered and given a price and a style is changed, you have to pay a different price. Its best to prepare your order and research the style you really want and how to get it before choosing or guessing its outcome. When presented with a style we have our intake on it in order to provide you with its look mainly. Techniques to achieve a look can be different and chosen carefully based on practicality. We avoid last minute impulsive choice to make sure you plan and get your hair right. Deposit is due after booking and a cancellation fee is charged in advance and deducted from your total bill in advance. Specially if you are a new customer. If you are a longtime customer we may not ask you for it but if you cancel once our system will require you pay a cancellation fee next time you order.

LOCATION: We reside in Harlem HAMILTON NY USA and have set up this service as a traveling service only. We do not set up salons and locations as our moto is to come to the client who is at home comfortable and want to get celebrity at home treatment and get her or his hair done at the comfort of their homes. This does not mean their homes are our salons or locations. It is a service and you can request it like you will request a plumber or cable installation. When doing your hair we ask to have a private session and not mixed up with other services we are not related to as we are not the same business and not liable for them.

BOOKING: Your booking is ideally done after you consult with our braider who will ask you key question about your style to make sure you are on the same page and that the appointment goes smooth. First, your zone is very important for us to come to you or be able to service you. Before booking and appointment please make sure you are in Manhattan, Bronx or Brooklyn. Then input your required details on our booking for located at www.antabraids.com/booking. On the note section you are asked to put your exact address with unit number and if there is a required code to get through your building please add it to the note. Also any specific like color, length and special request should be added in their.

CANCELLATION FEE/DEPOSIT: After you consult and arrange your appointment with Anta you will go online at: www.antabraids.com and make your booking input according to the details arrange on date, time, hair style chosen, hair provision, time and place to get your appointment session. Our site will send you an auto email stating we received your input. It gets reviewed to make sure you and Anta has the same expectation about your session and we send your confirmation email to you with a link to make a deposit/cancellation fee about your hair.
*Note that we have other areas of business that is not related to braiding and any deposit you made for your hair braiding appointment is not related or relevant to the other areas we may be working on and shall not be expected or attempt to use.

REFUND POLICY: We do not refund your deposit when you cancel your appointment. Refund on the hair installation is also not possible after we do your hair or at the day of the appointment when we arrive even if you so not get your hair installed or used our hair at any point after we purchase it for you and set an appointment and came to you.
However If you make a total payment of the hair and session and cancelled in advance partial refund may be possible on the hair we have not purchase for you ( store do not refund but give store credits we may do for your next order of 14 to 21 days after). Otherwise even if we come to you and you change your mind on the hair or installation you will need to pay us for the appointment in full as arrange to avoid causing us lost. If you cancel and the spot get covered we ay be able to deduct our incidental and see what we can do if we did not offer a discount to fill the spot to another person who pays as much or more for the session than you did. Basically we will try to be fair to you after covering our time and incidentals. Refunds is not to be expected to be sure you understand it s most of the time not available.

TAXES: We are set up to pay NY taxes. We do not charge you for taxes on your services and just get payment on the service tax.

YOUR HAIR BEFORE APPOINTMENT: We require you have a clean and naturally conditioned without excess product. Your hair we are braiding should be shampooed, deep conditioned and dried without anything added to it. This means no extensions, no oil, no anything else so we are able to do our work without obstacles like bumps on extension, slipping of hair because of too much oil in your hair, keratin, placenta, sticky stuff and other. We are installing braids on your hair and this process is better when the hair is normal. During your consultation let your braider know if you have done any keratin treatments, deep oil treatments, placenta treatment and such. Natural hair is best for authentic African Hair Braiding.

If you have issue offering water or braider using your bathroom, ordering lunch if your session too long please let us know in advance of your appointment. Every 4 hrs should be a 15mn breaks and if 8 hrs a 30mn breaks. You can also make a special request with us if you are not good at seating up to do your braids and we can arrange for you to lay on your sofa and get the special arrangement of laying on your sofa and getting your braids done. This arrangement is great for pregnant or not well customers. Brought to you by Anta The Hair Fairy. You can also request this arrangement even if you are completely well. It s ok.

-REQUEST TO A REVISIT: We do not revisit you after we consult for free and asked you exactly what you want, walk out of your house you happy. Any specific request can be made prior to your appointment before the booking time. It is important you know what you are getting in advance or research it a bit to see if it’ll work for what you need it for and to look like. If you choose a style and change your mind it is ok but it will not be our responsibility to change the style. You will need to get back online and get a new available appointment in the future usually couple of weeks in advance is needed to get another session.We have a schedule set up that is guarantying the visit to other customers and new clients that can not be delayed to be fair to others. We usually can come to you 3/4 weeks later or whenever a spot is available in our schedule. Note our schedule does not mean only about braiding bookings. Your braider has also a daily life and other braiding organization task to achieve not related to actual appointment. If you need later on mid period style retouch we offer it for half the price of your installation if you are in the Manhattan, Bronx and Brooklyn radius. This is not a guaranty appointment and most likely not happening as we may be busy in our schedule and not able to do it.  We travel and are not a store service to walk to and get little fixes. Every appoitment takes as long as a new appointment. So retouches don’t have room into our business model that brings you the service at home.

NOT YOUR REAL HAIR: Braids are extensions for style purpose and they are not permanent. They are neat at first then they get old like everything else in life. Some like them at their new stage, other few weeks after and some other when thy get old and looking more like its real hair. The point in your ordered style’s journey of having it mostly for some is to not have to do their hair everyday or to protect their hair and grow it. It’s normal for braids to be perfect when you have them and as time progress for them to get older, older and older, less and less and less ( falling) until it is time to take them out. It is accepted in the style and there are many ways to rock your style in its different stage and not to worry about 1 braid out of 100 falling. It does not change the fact that your hair style is ok. Your real hair fall out ever day when you comb it and has to grow back but it does not mean few strands falls that your over all hair look is bad. It is the law of nature for them braids to age. Why its not reasonable to expect us to come fix one or few every time time and nature acts on them.

If you really insist on keeping the hair never old or aging like normally you may make a new appointment 3/4weeks after your appointment by requesting a date in advance we can prepare for you to get retouches.

“Rocking your braids: Braids are like leather if you care for them then last. They can even have more character with time and look more beautiful depending on how you rock them!”
Anta Niang
MasterBraider and Fashion Producer

MAINTENANCE: Your braids even though need lower maintenance than your own hair need to be maintained here and there. At night when you do to bed its better to put for:
* Your box braids, twists, goddess locs (human hair or synthetic), dreads (human hair or synthetic) into a high soft ponytails and wrap the scarf around it to be able to put your head down comfortable and keep the braids out of the way when you toss and turn as the more friction the braids get in anyway the older they look and more things happen to the strand.
*Your crochet containing the strands in twists if curly and large box braids if wavy is best and covering them with a bonnet. For cornrows a scarf is best when tight down flat and secure.
* Cleaning your scalp while having braids or crochet is easy. Usually you have parts all through out your braids and you can take apple cider vinegar with some warm water and use baby wipes you wet and generously clean the surface of your scalp. If may be a little wet but let your hair air our for a bit for the vinegar smell to pass and use some leave in condition that usually smells good and takes care of the rest of that vinegar smell. After that you may ad light hair care products you normally add to your own hair.

If you are a company, magazine, advertising agency or send by a company you can only use our service in a commercial level. Personal order of our service is for personal usage only. For editorial and commercial use we have usage agreement available per your request and different pricing. When using our braids for these types of usage the price is different and credits are due for the art work.

SERVICE TESTING: Some companies test hair products and brands of hair. We advise our customer based on the experience and new products may work or not work as predicted. Please do not use our service for testing a product a brand give you as we are not guarantying the outcome of it. We did not use it before to be able to say it will act the way we know and predict our service to go. When approached by a third party before or after doing your hair with us for data please do not use us for their profit. Companies who want to develop their brands need to consult with expert and pay them and not use their time, knowledge, customer they work hard to build without paying. Furthermore the information is not accurate because most of the time they are collecting incomplete data and make false conclusion as they do not get the data from our side wish is the expert data that is most important for the knowledge of what they need to actually know. Ways to get shortcuts are not best for the consumer or the service we are offering you. Thank you for your support.
Consulting services for brands usage is available by emailing Anta at: antahairbraiding@gmail.com.

We are a braids and weave installation service. From the start our focus is for box braids, Senegalese twists, crochet braids, goddess locs, faux locs, dread locs and sew in weave. These techniques take time and years of practice before able to do them. We have been doing it for over 33 years now. If you have investment opportunity for our company you should speak to Anta Niang directly. Anta Niang is the founder and owner of AntaBraids.com and our company has not gone public yet.
Other related braiding products we presently own is human hair and synthetic hair weft, bulk hair, machine made wigs, boxbraids, twists and locs. We have an online store you can order from or text us to request hair prior to your appointment. 7 to 15 days in advance is required depending on the type of hair and process needed to produce it. Visit: www.antaweaves.com

Braids have no religion, no gender, no color. It has been done for 1000 of years in lost tribes of Africa and has travels through times to asia, Europe, America. It transcends cultures and speaks all languages. Our company is run by master braider Anta Niang and this is also her philosophy. To use samples of our art creations for commercial purpose contact us at editorial@antabraids.com or commercial@antabraids.com to book our service for editorial or commercial purpose. You can also text Anta at: 646 694 2682 to find out her availability.

SPAM, DEBT COLLECTORS, PHISHER, DEBT CRETOR & HARASSMENT: If you are Phishing, scamming, debt creator or collector please do not contact us for any reason.

RELATION RELAY: We treat everyone equally. We only take you as you come without prejudice. Who you know or don’t know or related to or who refer you has no effect on our service to you. We request that if someone is not following our terms and we do not deal with them that you do not play link for them to us. You will be responsible of any damage they cause to our service or employee or owner and all of the breach they commit with your assistance.