Popular Technic Of The Year 2017

You have Short, Kinky, Asian or CaucAsian hair I am able to do your locs.

Blond Human hair Locs sample images:

Although we used a trick to adding a small braids inside men short hair to make it hold we didn’t create this braiding technique. The goddess locs technic is called the “lakhass” technic in Senegal where it originated 100 years and 100s years ago and was passed on from generation to generation to this day when we can carry it and do it to many people hair.

We do perfection things like the pain the technic comes with the AntaBraids technic (patent pending).

See how the “lakhass” technic is used to make Africa tribal art with tribal African fabrics. These were a partial donated at the eastern bunny event for the mount Sinai Jewish children with cancer center who made it, were able to beat their diseases or recovered from their disease.

Text: 646 341 0476 to get your braiding appointment.

Simply send us your name, email, address, style and hair needed or you have to make your booking. Please keep it short and clear as we are braiding and consulting with you for best advice and not just the receptionist. Also we do not accept calls. Just text messages for your booking.

ACTOR & SUPERSTAR NICO TORTORELLA Getting his hair done while laying and relaxing on his sofa.



AntaBraids Crochet curly hair
anta hair braiding and weave box braids small midback
Yarn Senegales Twists-manual-antabraids
anta weaves ombre short
Mixture Silky and Kinky Hair
anta weaves hairblack
Crochet Braids Made by ANTA