Anta Niang is the first curvy African Plus Sized African Model In The US that immigrated from Senegal to New York City and Around the world.

She has been professionally featured in Magazines and Channels like GLAMOUR, ABC, NBC, CBS, WB11, GRACE, MODE, VIDEO FASHION & FASHION FILES as a pioneer curvy model.

Anta went to College in Tribec NY and holds  science and liberal art degree. She also is an excellent honor math student who was granted few awards by the National Science Foundtion in US.

She is bright, skilled, talented and innovative. is her latest project using tribal skills she trained for and learned when growing up in the Wolof Tribe in Senegal ( west Africa).

Anta is raised in the Senegalese Wolof tribe in West Africa. The Wolof tribe is the tribe of the last African King named Alboury Ndiaye that nicely ruled the west Africa before the French Attacked and colonized it. The wolof tribe has for centuries inspired art,fashion,hair braids and jewelry designs to West Africans and created a stylish fashion for women of the court like goddess locs, Senegalese twists, box braids, lakhass, cornrows, wired braids, yarn braids and more…Braids are used for the daily live and specially for ceremonies and events.  Senegal is the country of Terranga. Terranga is the vertue of hospitality, grace, festivity, style, decor and gracefulness. It comes with joy. Hair braiding is part of the Senegalese culture of style and beauty.

This traditional styling and fashion making through art has been translated orally from generation to generation by naturally being good at it and being an apprentice of the master braiders who also learned from their elders. This is how braiding skills is transferred from generations to generation until today where you can learn it in school. In Africa braids are not learned in schools as institutions but by your tribe schooling you. The knowledge goes on from generation to generation.

The Wolof tribe who invented the Senegalese twists and many other braiding technique is known for hospitality mostly,  elegance, fashion extravaganza, jewelry, graceful big girls walk (diriyanke), radiant and contagious smiles and way of living life with joy and happiness that is contagious around you.  This is a natural process in that society. Braids are done under the comfortable shade, stoops, at home and in a very relaxed and friendly environment such as the under the epic baobab tree that produce fruits over 1000 years. It’s festive and part of a , sisterhood, brotherhood and friendship.

With this service Anta brings you the tribal braiding experience in a silver platter at the comfort of your home. Eliminating you waking up, traveling, waiting online in store to see when your hair will be start or done and dealing with traffic in store. On top she is making braids that are not as painful as usual on your scalp as most people experienced and complain about.

She understood this very early as she experienced it growing up and found out that her hair grew ore when it wasn’t pulled. On top of the experience of getting painful braids during her childhood and having a science oriented mind of finding solution to problem she started braiding her own hair to test it to see if it works before trying it on friend and later found out it is better for the general health of your hair to not braid tight. Even though it may last less time than the tight braids it is lasting long enough to be worth it and keep the best out of your hair health.

“There is never a problem but a solution” she says to anything her way. Why she is able to overcome multiple obstacle about braiding she comes across over 3 decades. For this matter she developed a techniques as a child that eliminated the pain associated with the braids she was having. Today she is patenting her technique and hope to share is it in an organized manner with related patent right to the technique and share it with braiders her self.

Anta is specialized in crochet braids, box braids, Senegalese twists, dread locs and weave Our company do not advertise for other types of hair service and do not do it. If you are not sure what the different is before texting us for a request visit the sample braids on our site to see the examples we do.

Anta study science in college and has been an honor student in Mathematics. She also was awarded 3 times national science foundation for women research in Mathematics. She worked on the Cauchy definition of limits, a concept she was able to simplify for college student to better help understand calculus, continuity, limits and derivatives. She worked in corporate as well and has years of business experience and is a business woman who is personable.

ANTA presently available to travels to you only if you reside in MANHATTAN, BRONX & BROOKLYN Near The MTA. To Contact Anta For braiding service please text: 646 580 7204


To book Anta direct as a plus sized model please text: 646 694 2682., & © Ndeye Anta Niang and has not been authorized for share trading yet. To receive alerts just email: and you will get update when this company goes public.